Community Leadership and Social Responsibility

PPCR Social Entreprise is directed at building community leadership, social responsibility, increased employment opportunities and improved local services.

PPCR can offer local communities support and resources to build the right operational structure to deliver local services owned and delivered by local residents by supporting organisations to establish governance structure at every stage of the project development.

We can assist your organisation in developing and implementing the appropriate governance model responsible for delivering service objectives. PPCR can handle the operational details by providing comprehensive back-office management including: risk management, financial management, grants management, human resources management, and governance.

The benefits of working with PPCR to develop Social Entreprise for the Community:

  • developing community fabric, and encouraging a sense of community responsibility, ownership and identity
  • enhancing the quality of life for people who get involved
  • building individual & community skills
  • getting things done that people want
  • better quality decision-making
  • better efficiency - in the long run
  • requiring less regulation
  • increasing employment opportunities in communities
  • and last but not least, resources in administration and overheads are minimised
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