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About Us

'The diversity of our team facilitates diverse opportunities.'



  • PPCR was established to enable social housing residents' views to be heard and to empower them to influence local services. and housing regeneration We conducted the first ever tenant satisfaction survey in England for Bolton Metro in 1989 and many more similar assignments since then. Our vision is to inspire, support and empower residents living in social housing influence and participate in decisions that make their homes and local communities’ better places to live.

  • With over 30 years of experience under our belt we wholeheartedly understand what is possible in housing regeneration, community engagement and empowerment.

  • Our core aim is to provide successful, effective support and advice for social housing residents.  In doing this, we are committed to facilitating constructive and equal relationships between residents, landlord organisations and partners.

  • Driven by delivering meaningful empowerment, we endeavor to support the building of stronger, more sustainable communities and positively transform lives.

  • We work to develop supportive collaboration, that’s why we are committed to:


Winning your trust


  • At PPCR we work hard to establish trust as your independent advisors.

  • We care about your community and take great pride in making sure we always keep our promises.

  • Residents’ views are always at the top of our agenda.



Working with you

  • We are passionate about meaningful collaboration and understand the importance of making sure that every single voice is heard.

  • We will work to help you influence your local neighborhood and environment.

  • By working to empower and support residents make choices about their homes and neighborhoods, we can help to build vibrant communities.



Access to our expertise

  • When change is being considered, it’s our core aim to provide you with access to the advice and support you need to make informed choices about the future.

  • Listening to the needs of individual households comes first and catering for these in the way that we provide support and advice are critical parts of our service. 

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