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Level up

We know local voices, views and vision need to be at the heart of any successful housing regeneration, renewal or local services improvement initiative.  We work to achieve three things.


Local residents who are most affected by change have a real say in how changes are designed and implemented.


There is honesty and transparency about the pluses and minuses of key decisions and how final decisions will be made.


Recognising that housing and service improvements are more than bricks and mortar. We work to bring about a real long-lasting difference to the lives of local people.   


At PPCR we:

Work with you

Our 'critical friend' approach brings an independent external voice that succeeds by reflecting and channeling residents' views and interests back to the landlord.  It’s about working within the existing structures, but in such a way as to bring the advantages of independent scrutiny, support and expertise.

Working from Home

The right direction

We work to steer projects in a direction which benefits not only individual households but the whole community.

Our advice and support services are designed to help guide and direct local people in making big decisions.

Working to answer the basic question “What will make this neighborhood more livable?”

Direction Signs
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