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Wornington Green

PPCR provide support to help all residents be involved in the Regeneration of Wornington Green & Portobello Square. PPCR work with local residents to have a real say in the regeneration of their neighbourhood. Success is about empowering local people to play a full part in shaping the future for the area they live.

PPCR ARE working closely with your RSG to ensure local voices are heard.
Please get in touch with PPCR if you are interested in becoming a Block representative to ensure all blocks have a voice.
PPCR'S role is to support all tenants and leaseholders through the regeneration process.
If you want independent information or advice, or have questions on any aspects of the regeneration process, please get in touch with Janet, Mo, and Danielle either by freephone 0800 317 066, landline 0207 407 7452 or by email or come along to one of our drop ins.

Wornington Green Residents Meeting Minutes

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