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Providing multi-channel services

Throughout the COVID pandemic, PPCR continued to provide day-to-day support and assistance to residents living in estates and neighbourhood’s undergoing regeneration and improvement. We learned to find new ways of adapting and reaching out to communities, to ensure that residents were kept informed. We have continued to develop these new ways of engagement and our team uses these channels to maximise resident engagement in addition to the more traditional face-to-face approach. We always provide freephone, email, face-to-face and online support.  Using platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and software such as SurveyMonkey, we can dramatically increase the opportunities for providing information, consulting residents and maximising engagement.  We have also introduced virtual resident boards and regular zoom interaction and consultation to support individuals, groups and wider communities.

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Community and Resident Engagement

We understand that asking questions and producing vital insights help us all to build vibrant and thriving communities together. That’s why we strive to establish, support and implement the community’s views, to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard.

Independent Tenant and Homeowner Advisors

Our job is to make sure everyone has a clear picture of the advantages and disadvantages of housing regeneration and renewal and to help local people weigh up what matters most – both as individuals and collectively as a community. We’ll do this by providing information, training and support in a variety of formats and channels. This will build confidence in deciding upon the trade-offs between rights, design, quality, viability,sustainability, environmental protection and all the other variables involved.  We make sure everyone has a clear picture of the factors affecting the future of their homes and help residents weigh up what matters most – both as individuals and collectively as a community.

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Research and Surveys in Social Housing

We are experts in both quantitative and qualitative research. Our team draws on a wide range of innovative techniques to carefully design and sculpt questionnaire surveys and research that are customized, creative and tailored to your needs.

Friendly Conversation

Training and Capacity Building

As an 'approved person' in the Government's Tenant Empowerment Programme, we also have many years' experience working with residents to establish Resident Management Organisations. We provide wide-raging skills and experience in training, housing management policies and procedures and business planning. We have set up over 30 Tenant Management Organisations  throughout London. We have worked as Independent Resident Advisors in the development and implementation of over 40 housing investment and regeneration initiatives. 

Through our work over the last three decades, we have found that it is important to recognise that there is often a marked inequality in access to power, finance, professional support, knowledge and resources between those living in and providing social housing. One of our important functions as independent advisors is to try to even up this balance by engaging and empowering individual residents, resident groups and the local community. In addressing this we have three over-riding core values;

1. Local residents have a real say in how improvements, redevelopment and local services are delivered. 

2. There is honesty and transparency about the pluses and minuses of key decisions and how final decisions will be made. 

3. Recognising that an empowered community is more than building new homes. Through our involvement we aim to make a real long-lasting difference to the lives of local people. 

We have just been appointed by the Department for Levelling up, Housing and Communities (DLHC) in a consortium with CCH (Co-operative Community Housing) to deliver the national Residents Opportunity and Empowerment Programme, 'Four Million Homes'.  The programme, available to all social housing residents in England, includes workshops, forums and online resources that will run over the next two and a half years. Key deliverables for social housing residents will be to understand their opportunities and rights on ways to get involved, how to hold their landlord to account and play a more active role in their community.

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