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Independent Tenant Advisor

PPCR works with a wide variety of tenants and leaseholders groups to provide independent advice and support to residents considering investment and regeneration options, such as Stock Transfer, and Community Housing Trusts.

We provide support and guidance to ensure tenants are at the heart of developing solutions and decisions-making and have the information they need to make informed decisions on all issues affecting their homes and lives. Our advice is independent, impartial and informed.

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Our independent tenants and leaseholders advice service offers:

  • Freephone helpline for residents

  • Newsletters and information flyers

  • Written documents in a variety of languages, providing interpreters where requested
    Information and consultation events  – fun days, local surgeries, road shows, public meetings and test of opinion surveys

  • Leaseholders meetings and surgeries to address their particular circumstances

  • Training and capacity building for resident representatives

  • Specialist financial and legal advice

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