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Research and Surveys In Social Housing

We are experts in both quantitative and qualitative research. We specialise in social housing customer satisfaction surveys. We have a long and strong track record of helping housing providers consult with their residents and other key stakeholders about the services they receive.

Good quality, up-to-date customer information and profiling is becoming more important all the time. Having detailed knowledge about the profile of your customers and regular feedback on satisfaction helps you design, plan and target your services.

Our research team includes specialists with extensive experience in social housing. They can draw on a wide range of both traditional and innovative techniques to design surveys that are creative and tailored to your needs.

High quality research can give you the information you need for your organisation to improve and succeed. Local authorities and registered providers need community research they can rely on. Finding the true feelings of the community through high quality, targeted and customized research is our core business.

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Our approach to research is about much more than number crunching, and is truly accurate. It gives a very high confidence level to the final answers and recommendations. 

We have strict quality control processes to ensure SRA (Social Research Association) compliant standards are consistently delivered. We have a reliable in-house trained pool of interviewers, most of which have been with us for a number of years. We have strict data protection quality procedures in place to ensure the identity of respondents is kept separate from their responses, and data checking procedures to ensure the quality of data meets industry standards. Quality standards are monitored on a project by project basis.

We add value to our satisfaction surveys with benchmarking data from previous surveys, high quality reports and presentations targeted for different audiences and workshops/focus groups to explore key issues in depth, to review results and agree on action and improvements.

Quantitative Research Services:

  • Face to Face interviews

  • Postal Surveys

  • Telephone Surveys

  • Online Surveys

Qualitative Research Services:

  • In-depth interviews

  • Telephone conference

  • Focus Groups

  • Stakeholders workshops

  • Scrutiny Panels

  • Mystery shopping

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