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Community and Resident Engagement

We believe that asking residents questions like “what works around here?” and “what would make this environment , more livable? can produce vital insights. As people see their suggestions and requests put into practice, their pride and sense of ownership in the community grow.

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The people who know best what is right for a community are the people who live there. But all too often, the views of the people affected by social change are the last to be considered.

It takes real effort to establish the views of the people as a whole – particularly those who, for social or cultural reasons, are less likely to stand up and be counted.

Involving residents is a fundamental ingredient in regenerating single estates, neighbourhoods and communities.

PPCR can help through effective consultation and empowerment, which involve every part of the community.  Communities need to be supported to play this central role in regeneration and renewal, and helped to see and feel their own power. This way, local people can own the process, and most importantly own the outcomes.

PPCR can offer a wide range of services to help deliver successful consultation strategies and maximise community engagement, delivering results that will directly enable delivering and monitoring local standards.

Our services range from providing support and guidance at a strategic level, to hands on project work if you don’t have the resources to commit yourself.

PPCR can help you with:

  • Reviewing your resident engagement policies and arrangements

  • Carrying out quantitative and qualitative research to test staff and resident opinion and satisfaction

  • Providing advice and guidance on improving involvement within your organisation

  • Providing training for staff and residents

  • Ensuring you comply with your regulatory body requirements

  • Assessing the impact of your engagement activities

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